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Circles of Impact

Etki Çemberleri

The Impact Circle provides motivation;

The Impact Circle is a simple yet powerful tool, that enables us to explore that we possess more power than we think we do, showing how the relationships, ideas, and structure within an organization is important for creating an impact.

The Impact Circle triggers change;

The Impact Circle provides us with a framework that supports exploring hidden potentials, making fast decisions, strengthening teams, and transforming organizations.

The Impact Circle mobilizes;

The Impact Circle supports proactivism. Instead of waiting for things to happen, the Impact Circle means taking action and doing the best we can.

The Impact Circle believes in communities;

The Impact Circle works to create networks which rely on compassionate communications, partnerships and communities; to build grounds for sustainable lives.


To create an ecosystem of inspiration and sustainable value, in which partnerships that would define and shape the issues concerning our time and the future, that is strengthened with the perspective of social impact investing.


To deliver the ability and habit of resolving the local and global issues that would shape today and tomorrow, with the necessary competencies and various opportunities of our age.

For impact-oriented action, action-oriented awareness

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Etki Çemberleri

Our Issue

The 20th century economics perspective, philosophy, and practices do not provide a convenient ground for reflecting the innovative ideas of our age.

We need tools that would ensure circularity and integrity which would reflect the collective impact of the envisioned goals and partnerships of item 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, whilst delivering the goals themselves into the real World.

We strive for efficient philanthropy which is not an easy process. Starting however, is half the way. We are creating mechanisms that would support people and the environment with our volunteers and benefactors.

We facilitate the cooperations between impact focused individuals and organizations that would support civil societies and social entrepreneurships with their donations, systems that would motivate volunteers, and accredited experts of specific fields. We are with you to take the first step in creating value through impact. We are capable of creating much positive impact than we think we can.

Etki Çemberleri

Our Solution

As the Circles of Impact Foundation, our aim is to increase the impact and unity of actors in the system and to establish value-oriented collaborations. We aim to support existing solutions with a multidisciplinary perspective to support the transition to a sustainable future and to produce creative solutions for new issues. In this direction, the Foundation calls for unity of intention and action on the axis of common goals and values, leaving a competitive state of mind; welcoming all races, beliefs and orientations.

Our Circles

Sustainability Circle

Mucilage Free Marmara Circle

Campaign and Communication Circle

Academic Advisory Circle

Board of Directors