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What Do We Do?

Support Activities Focusing on Social Entrepreneurship

Encouraging and propagating social entrepreneurship.

Contribution to the Ecosystem with the Focus of Social Impact Investing

Supporting individuals, the public sector, the private sector, civil societies, academia, and entrepreneurships to come together for cause specific, result oriented partnerships.

Spreading Impact Focused Way of Thinking

Carrying out educational, resarch based, and publication oriented activities to enhance information creation on social impact investing whilst nurturing the Foundation’s network.

Propagating the Circular Economy Setup with an Impact Focused Approach

Getting inspired by nature, circular economy presents solutions not only for products but for systems. Factors that are considered as waste or unproductive are eliminated; while inputs, outputs, and side products that cause harm are replaced with creating solutions that benefits the whole.

Public Opinion Survey on Social Impact

Environmental Awareness Survey

Mucilage Free Marmara: Let's Keep the Sea of ​​Marmara Alive Public Opinion Survey

Mucilage-Free Marmara is an issue-oriented study that emerged with the emergence of mucilage, which is a visible result of Marmara Sea pollution, in many places in 2021. Mucilage-Free Marmara is the first issue of the Circles of Impact Foundation, established in 2022. Circles of Influence Foundation has an understanding of establishing collaborations with a deliberative attitude, supporting existing studies on social entrepreneurship, sustainability and social impact investing.

The first issue that the foundation dealt with as of its establishment was Marmara Without Mucilage. Marmara without mucilage is a responsible citizenship movement that seeks the solution of marine pollution and the resulting mucilage together with every person and institution that has an impact on the sea.

Mucilage-free Marmara aims to bring together academics, non-governmental organizations, public and local governments, industrial organizations, fishermen, ship and port operators and citizens in line with a common goal.

By establishing partnerships to find a solution to the pollution of Marmara Sea, we can increase the examples that will be good for the world, the sea and all living things together.